SIDMA Profile

Scientific & Surgical Dealers & Manufacturers Association (SIDMA) is a non-profit Association consisting of Scientific Instruments & accessories manufacturers &dealers.

The need for the association arose in the year 1993 when the sales tax was increased from 8% to 12.5%. The initiative was taken by 7 founder members of SIDMA who ensured that members of the scientific instrument industry got together, formed SIDMA and went on strike. There was all around opposition of this increase and the strike went on for 22 days. The members, at that time realised the need to have a platform to voice their concerns about the problems they face in the business. It also made the members to come together and act as a unified industry.

From a few members in 1993, the association is now having strength of over 250 members, mostly from Western part of India who are closely knit. SIDMA is a platform which gives them an opportunity to interact with each other.


The association also carries out various activities for the overall benefit for its members like :

  • Distribution of Notebooks for the staff of its members free of cost.
  • Arranging exhibition “Scientific Mela” an event where members can showcase their products and interact with members & non-members for new business opportunities.
  • Talk shows from experts in various fields on the subject like Sales Tax, GST, Income Tax, MRP and other statutory laws. This keeps the members updated with latest developments in the respective fields.
  • A yearly overnight picnic for the members is arranged by SIDMA, which everybody looks forward to, when members get together over a weekend. This helps in bonding of the members and knowing each other well and also facilitates business opportunities amongst them.
  • Annual cricket match between the members. This is again helping in building team spirit.
  • Printing and distributing SIDMA directory periodically to ensure that contact and business information of all members are updated and known to all concerned.

The Association is committed to further its activities for the overall benefit of members and the scientific community and will continue to organise events in various fields. Our aim is to make this a wide spread organisation covering more and more members from various fields.



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